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A brief description of the higher levels of chessology

Chess has always led players to a new concept that is deep, a high-level game that helps the brain grow. The mystery of this game continues to inspire players today as a high and endless mystery within 64 cells. Even though chess has these characteristics that no other game has, many people today have forgotten about chess, why? This is due to the lack of ability to discover the infinite dimensions of chess. Even at the last minute, the secret possibilities of victory are hidden in chess, and it is up to us to find them. Many people use tricks in the game of chess and it is better to give up chess than to play it like that because we can never find or experience the benefits of playing chess unless it becomes a means of survival that we have to gain from our daily experiences. 'Chase for win' is the key to the game of chess so skip the tricks, understand the opponents and follow their weaknesses and create new ways of survival. Chess should never be seen as a trivial game, it s

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